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Home is where the heART is

I've been dabbling in a lot of Real Estate Photography this year and am getting the hang of it, exploring new shooting techniques and creating a flow to my process.

Taking extra time to devote to adjusting the camera for perfect alignment of verticals and horizontals took some getting used to because I'm much more of a "run and gun to catch the fun" photographer since I also work a lot with kids doing family photoshoots.

The Real Estate industry has a different approach where getting the most stunning photos of still life (in this case the subject matter are homes) is what it's all about. I don't have to bring along candy treats, memorize the lyrics of "Baby Shark", or bring along stuffed toy animals to get an uncooperative kid (or pet!) to smile for the camera; the home is (usually) ready to be photographed the moment I enter. Oftentimes some prep is involved, like keeping the areas of the home nice and tidy, opening all shades and letting in as much natural light as possible. It's not always cut and dry though, there are some horror stories (which I'll save for a later post!).

The pictures attached here were of a quaint condo unit in a home in Melrose, MA, a quiet neighborhood only 30 minutes away from the fast paced lifestyle of downtown Boston. Melrose has it's little charms that make it an appealing place to live and enjoy life in the suburbs. I was particularly happy to be completing the shoot during the last few days of the Fall season with all the gorgeous New England golden foliage all around, and with a homeowner who happened to be an interior designer, so every square inch of the home had an attention to detail and well thought out aesthetic that only a meticulous artist can bring out of a space to really make it attractive to potential buyers. It was an enjoyable shoot, and I hope to get more like it on my future bookings.


Location: Melrose, MA

Camera: Sony a6400 & DJI Mavic Air 2

Photographer: Carven Boursiquot

Plenty of natural light in this bedroom makes it a breeze to capture sharpness.

(though I do wish I handled the overblown highlights of the windows better, as I know the ability to see through to the outside is one attractive quality for great room photos.)

Bold colors and fun embellishments make this space a fun and inviting sun room to enjoy some tea with company or reading a good book.

A good sized porch and wide driveway enough to fit multiple vehicles.

Ample space in both the front and back yard (also notice the small rock patio)

Views from the sky give a better appreciation of the surrounding neighborhood...

("Hi there!" to Boston in the far distance!)

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